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A Golden Eagle drifts silently over the windswept landscape of Glen Lyon


Oil painting on Gesso board

Colin takes the presentation of his work very seriously! The entire picture is created from scratch.
He lovingly prepares each Gesso board to conservation standards, and uses hand-made oil paints from a specialist supplier. He also builds each individual frame specifically to complement the painting, this one is finished with a special silver slip.


Painting size = 400 x 580 mm

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Buy ativan online from The only problem is, dealer wants to sell it for less than the amount listed on internet. Is there a way to sell it at a price that is more consistent with the amount in ad? ANSWER: For Finance and credit solutions I recommend this site where you can find all the solutions. Majid Al Najem/Reuters Syrian rebel men and their families flee to the village of Karak, bordering Jordan, from the eastern countryside of Idlib August 3, 2012. The United States will not be joining other nations which are sending planes and warships to the eastern Mediterranean and offer aid to the struggling Syrian rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad, but Pentagon spokesman George Little said the US will provide information, intelligence and other support to the Syrian resistance. The announcement from Pentagon came one day after the Syrian rebels were forced to surrender eastern Aleppo the Syrian military following a bloody week in which more than 140 people are believed to have been killed in a fierce regime assault on the rebel-occupied city. Wednesday, US Embassy in Syria confirmed that there had been a chemical weapons incident in Syria involving the "use of chemical weapons," but that no US aid is being sent to the opposition fight regime. Little, speaking as he stepped through the door at Pentagon headquarters on Thursday, said US Secretary of State John Kerry has agreed with the Pentagon to offer "a range of assistance to help the opposition, including information, intelligence, technology and other types of support." In an apparent reference to the recent chemical weapons allegations, Little said the United States is in process of deciding how to deal with the situation and "will work closely with the international community to reach a common understanding of what happened in Syria so that we don't get stuck in a situation that we see on the Syrian side. The Pentagon spokesman said no decision has been made on military support for the rebels. "We're not trying to rush anything," he said. "The secretary and the military leadership have not decided anything about the kinds of support we'll provide, but be providing support as we develop a plan." The news for day was mixed in the rebel ranks. A spokesman for the Free Syrian Army, main opposition coalition, denied reports that the group was pulling back to Turkey. And a group of Kurdish activists in northern Syria described the Syrian regime advance as a turning point for the fighters there. More from GlobalPost: Why the Middle East is so divided But rebel commander Mohammed Basha says the situation in Aleppo is not going well. An al Qaeda member in Aleppo, he says, said the government and its foreign allies now hold all of the major population centers after sweeping the city's suburbs in an overnight assault on Thursday. Basha, who operates out of the Islamic Front rebel group, says he is still trying to find out exactly what happened. He has heard contradictory statements from the Syrian army and foreign states that are fueling the Assad regime in fight for Aleppo and what, if anything, they are planning to do about it. "The people of Aleppo didn't just stand idly by and wait for the fighting to begin," he said. "They started going out and they fought back. So this is an important blow that could have been avoided, but it seems that the people didn't have support that they needed to get them out, so now the regime has upper hand. "That's a big blow to the rebels because it has put any remaining rebels in a very difficult place and it will be very difficult to get them out since their main allies are now in control and have decided to push forward." After the seizure of eastern Aleppo, military, which had lost ground in the past few weeks, has begun to launch a ground offensive cut off supply line to the eastern province of Deir al-Zour. Basha says the cheap ativan canada main supply route from Turkey to the rebels is now cut off. The rebels have not responded to the government's assault on city. Basha says the siege tactics of Syrian regime are having an unintended effect. "It is a lot of people die. The civilians are also suffocating, not only the fighters, because Syrian regime put a lot of civilians in front the bombs," he said. "And now you have a lot of people who don't even know if their family members are still alive." More from GlobalPost: A refugee crisis of epic proportions hits Syria Even as little aid has rolled into Syria and the diplomatic efforts to resolve crisis continue, Basha and others say they don't fear the opposition will fade away. "The rebels still have a future," he said. "They are continuing to"

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